Gabriella® Debuts Cheese Spreads and Antipasto Salad in all HEB Stores

It’s the holiday season and Gabriella® cheese spreads and antipasta salad are now available at your favorite HEB grocery store for all your holiday party occasions. Delicious spreads and cheese that I combined in all kinds of holiday trays and pasta’s that my family loved!

The best way we serve Gabriella spreads in our house is on top of Bruschettini. I spread the Basil Pesto Parmesan cheese spread on top of my Asturi Bruschettini and topped it with a Lotito Foods Inc perline mozzarella ball and a slice of cherry tomato. For the Calabrian Pepper Parmesan Cheese Spread I spread it on the Bruschettini and topped it with a slice of red pepper for an added fresh crunch.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

The kids love three cheese tortellini so I decided to add the Lotito Foods Inc. diced/marinated sun dried tomato and perline mozzerla balls to the pasta and it was a hit with the whole family!

Processed with VSCO with g2 preset

The Caprese salad was a beautiful way to showcase all of the holiday colors on a pretty holiday platter. I combined Lotito Foods Inc. Perline Mozzerella balls with both Lotito Basil Pesto and diced marinated sun dried tomatoes. You mix these three ingredients together and serve them nicely on a party tray for your guests.

Lotito Foods Inc. Basil

·       Gabriella® Calabrian Pepper Parmesan Cheese Spread is created with Calabrian Chilies from Calabria, Italy that impart a spicy, mildly fruity taste and aroma. This spread is perfect for spreading on crackers, toasted breads, or added to your favorite sandwich or Panini.  Gabriella® Calabrian Pepper Parmesan Cheese Spread can also be added to your favorite pasta dish, as a topping for your pizza, or even in your quesadilla.

·       Gabriella® Basil Pesto Parmesan Cheese Spread is a classic Italian favorite, made from an authentic Lotito family Italian recipe. This spread is bursting with the flavors of Parmesan cheese, fresh basil pesto, fine herbs and spices. Gabriella® Basil Pesto Parmesan Cheese Spread is delicious on sandwiches, crackers, paninis, wraps, or mixed into your favorite pasta.

·       Gabriella® Sicilian Olive and 3 Cheese Antipasto Salad is made with authentic pitted Sicilian green and Kalamata olives, Asiago, Fontina and Provolone cheese and marinated sun dried tomatoes. This spectacular burst of flavor from the combination of the genuine Italian recipe will wow your guests, and have them saying “It’s Amore”.

About Lotito Foods: Lotito Foods family business started in the 1890’s in Corato, Italy, and moved to the U.S. in the early 1900’s. Lotito Foods is a fourth generation cheese and specialty food company offering both imported and domestic Italian cheese. Lotito Foods offers retail, consumer and private label food product lines, which are available nationwide. Lotito Foods is an advanced food manufacturer creating exclusive solutions and new food technologies that save material, man hours and increases profitability.

Folios is part of the Lotito Foods family. For more information go to and





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