Casa de Vara’s Secret Family Hot Sauce, Comida Caliente

Keeping it Spicy is right! I entered into the world of Casa de Vara through a series on YouTube I watched produced by TWELVE18 Media, which follows a Mexican-American family based in Houston, Texas. This family was full of spice from their famous Comida Caliente hot sauce to their spicy Latina personalities I fell in love with.

I was eager to try out this family secret hot sauce for myself and get a kick of the gem the Vara sister’s treasure that their mom passed along to them. The Vara’s were once owners of a popular restaurant for over 14 years, they are now on a mission to bottle their secret sauce.

Of course my first choice of tasting was to dip my chip in Comida Caliente mild hot sauce. The flavor is unique and took me to a familiar place of family traditional Mexican flavors. It was excellent and very addictive as I ate the whole bowl of chips with salsa. The next morning I made myself some breakfast. I cooked up some eggs, heated up the Comida Caliente salsa on the stove and put some corn tortillas on the “comal”. I served me up some Huevos Rancheros using Casa de Vara’s secret family hot sauce and went to town on my delicious breakfast meal. I definitely think the Vara family has something special. Best of luck from our family in San Antonio, TX to your family in Houston, TX.

Watch their official trailer here.


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