WebTegrity SEO Seminar at Alamo Draft House

So I am back in the game of social media management and marketing consulting and when I saw the event pop up for a SEO Seminar at Alamo Draft House I was excited but when I saw that WebTegrity was the host I was ecstatic! I had the privilege of meeting Kori Ashton at a meeting she hosted at her office for our church Life Point who was looking to improve their website and blog. She blew my whole media team ministry away! Not only is she an expert in WordPress but her sincere care for helping others improve their websites and overall business is priceless. She offers her professional opinion but also makes sure to add her charm and wit to get across a learning experience that is of utmost value. Her staff is just as intelligent and awesome and so was her seminar. It was worth my ticket price and that much more. A yummy lunch was included along with buttery popcorn. I learned so much and walked away with valuable information for myself and my clients. If you are looking for expert help in WordPress I recommend you visit WebTegrity.com and Like them on Facebook for their updates to see when their next seminar is scheduled.


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