Stay Juicy at Urth Juice Bar

Oh my, such a great new addition to Southtown and I’m loving it! Urth Juice Bar is located on 812 S. Presa St. in Southtown and it is the perfect spot for healthy and delicious everything! They have fresh juices, tonics, smoothies, nut milk, cleanse kits and great lunch combo’s like juice + salad or juice + sandwich. This is the perfect place to start off your year with tons of healthy choices. You can take home fresh cold press juice supply for 30 days or just stop in for a healthy delicious meal with friends. I tried the Yogi which is a smoothie with oranges, banana, goji berry and pineapple and it was yummy! I wasn’t sure what to expect as usually juice bars are small and not really dine in kind of places, but this is a place you can sit and enjoy with family and friends. Oh and the ambiance is just fun, artistic, hip and sooooo Southtown, I love it! So come sip, suck, slurp and drink up at Urth Juice Bar.


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