Merry Christmas San Antonio!

San Antonio

So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one will begin.

This is my time, my favorite time of the year no matter how early they put out decorations or start playing

Christmas carols I love it, I embrace it and you will never hear me complain about it. Christmas means that Jesus

is near and that it is His celebration. Through all the hustle and bustle and buying gifts and going here and there for

holiday parties and what have you, I made it my focus to have a Christmas heart always. After all the heart of Christmas is Christ, right!?!

Of course. It’s His day and because of Him people want to celebrate each other with gifts, bless others less unfortunate, shine in red and green,

make warm cookies, listen to Christmas carols, keep family traditions alive and be close to their families. What’s wrong with that I say!?! Absolutely nothing. I’m a Christmas Eve

baby myself so this time of year reminds me of what it took for my parents to have me and what a miracle it is for me to be living. The biggest miracle is in

Jesus’ birth and how although each day I struggle with the smallest of everyday challenges I still have grace and I still have His love. Recently our church, Life Point, had the kids memorize a bible verse:

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it” John 1:5. My 5 year old memorized it and has been reciting it everyday. My heart melts when I hear her recite the verse as

even in the youngest of people God is stirring up something good, lighting that fire in their little soul and letting their little light shine so bright! Why not embrace Christmas, change your perspective and

live like a child believing the light, believing in Santa and believing that Jesus lives in your heart. Your whole world will change and the life you see around you will be filled with love and compassion.

I look back every year and John Lennon’s song plays in my head this time of year since it’s one of my favorites asking, So this is Christmas and what have you done? We don’t have to conquer the world to

feel accomplished, all we have to do is love, be loving and spread love because that’s what Jesus called us to do. I believe God wants us to get uncomfortable, live out of our bubble and make it our business

to help others, to be unselfish and get involved with our community and have an urgency to tell as many people as we can about the love of God as if it was so important for their life to live. Stop getting

offended, for those are selfish ways and instead turn to people with an open heart.

So what have I done? I lived 2015 with my intent to be a bright light and potent salt to this earth. I took a leap of faith and went all in to lead a ministry at my church. I try my best and do it to serve God. My

spiritual faith was at a standstill and until I understood that God wanted me to not only go to church or volunteer here and there, He wanted me to serve Him so I can truly find his heart for people and my

purpose. Not only was my baby girl born in 2015, so was my ministry and my relationship with many of my friends and family became so much deeper because I wasn’t afraid to love or ask if someone

needed help or went further to find out what was going on with someone’s life struggles. They needed me and I needed them. Just as my relationship with God.

My prayers are that my kids and the kids of this city will count on prayer, uplift one another, see the light in others and be the light for others this Christmas and every Christmas.

This photo was our 2015 Family Christmas card and the perfect explanation of what I want people to see, the bright light through a childlike smile and amazement that God spreads this Christmas. 

Merry Christmas my sweet city of San Antonio! May God be with you. 



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