Best French Toast at Liberty Bar

I can have brunch food anytime of the day and the Liberty Bar French Toast is one of the reasons why! So it was a Sunday afternoon and brunch at the Liberty Bar was the perfect spot in good ol’ Southtown! We got there towards the end of brunch and it was no surprise when the server told me they were all out of their French Toast. Instead I ordered the omelette. When our food came there was a special surprise, the ever so yummy Liberty French Toast made it to our table. The server said she saw an extra French Toast in the kitchen and saved it for us! How awesome is that!?! Liberty Bar has some of the best customer service around and they are always so thoughtful and friendly.

So let me tell you, I liked the omelette but my heart was set on this heavenly moist French Toast. It was soaked in custard and served with 100% real maple syrup paired with fresh fruit. Oh my it was divine! Come for the Liberty Bar French Toast I say and enjoy one of San Antonio’s best Brunch spots at the Liberty Bar.


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