Kicking off Holiday Cheer at The Old Main Assoc.

Want to enjoy some holiday cheer over a sophisticated cocktail and a culture clash of food selection? Yes order yourself a Palmetto while enjoying a bed of chicharrones over fries topped with an egg smothered in chorizo gravy and queso Oaxaca. You can’t come to The Old Main Assoc. without getting their famous Concha Burger of course! But tonight was more of a late night snack and cocktail kinds of night with our favorite Black Keys playing in the background. We sat at the bar and the mixologist was on point with his cocktail recommendations and with delivering a top of the line mixed cocktail I would expect to get at Last Word or Brooklynite because after all, these cocktail bars are all owned by the same talented and savvy mixologist owners.

We also ventured on the mojellas which were excellent. The mood was sophisticated, romantic in the lighting and perfect to enjoy holiday cheer! My favorite were the mini gold Christmas trees that topped the tables lit by the candlight of a orange burnt candle. This place knows how to celebrate socializing over some classic cocktails paired with the culture infused traditional foods we love so much in the city I love so much!

Thanks for kicking off my holiday cheer Old Main Assoc.

Make your way over to enjoy this sweet spot. Find them on Facebook.


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