The Modern Ice Cream

Will she ever know her mom never had Gelato or frozen yogurt or local ice cream made with beets and herbs when she was a little girl? Yes she will because it’s when we are enjoying these yummy treats together I have the chance to tell her stories about the days when I was a little girl in the 80’s. I tell her they had no such places as frozen yogurt shops or gelato spots but she can’t wrap her little mind around the idea of a time when these “ice creams” didn’t exist or rather weren’t popular. So when I hear my daughter ask for ice cream, I know she means anything but regular ice cream.

My husband and I enjoy supporting and eating at local spots around town and places like Lick and Southtown Alamode have become part of my 5 year old’s vocabulary for choices when we want to enjoy a yummy treat. Although these places aren’t very cheap we make sure she knows the value of dollar and associates it with her good behavior to earn an expensive treat. So when we do go she knows it’s special and a fun family time for us to enjoy.

When I was 5 years old a trip to Dairy Queen was quite the treat and if you went to Baskin Robins it was an even more fancy treat. Althought Blue Bell was always a staple in our fridge growing up (always Rocky Road and Old Fashion Vanilla), I knew those special trips to get ice cream were a special family time.  But to say that I went out with my family for gelato or frozen yogurt, yeah right, times sure have changed.

So here’s my daughter eating her Pomegranate gelato from our favorite spot at Blue Star, South Alamode Panini and Gelato Company. Little did my five year old self would know that my own daughter when I grew up would be eating things like Beets with Basil ice cream, Pomegranete gelato or coconut with bubble gum frozen yogurt sprinkled with mochi, kiwi, and boba balls, ha!


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