Secret Dish revealed you have to try!

So I was introduced to this place by one of my San Antonio powerhouse social’s, Mr. Rob Gutierrez of Publicbeat. Thai Lao Orchid is a secret gem on Broadway downtown serving up this unique dish that I am in love with! I don’t know how secret this place is or the dish but I want to let the world know because it is super yummy! The dish is called Crispy noodles! They recently opened up Kawashi Sushi & Asian Cuisine by Thai Lao Orchid just next door to the original Thai Orchid on the corner. Thai Lao was under construction when I wanted to go there with my family for dinner so when I called the owners told us Kawashi was opened and they had the same Crispy noodles on the menu. I was hoping they would still have the same dish since it was our first time visiting Kawashi not Thai Lao and… bingo they did! This dish is served with mixed vegetables and the meat or tofu of your choice on a bed of Crispy noodles that sits on top of a soup of Thai sauce. As you are eating, the noodles begin to soak in the sauce allowing for a crispy yet soft texture in your mouth. The veggies and chicken were delicious and makes for an overall excellent Crispy Noodle dish!


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