The Good Fight of Faith: Gallo y Dama

Gallo y Dama

There it is, a real non-photoshopped, simple picture of me with a cap that my husband and I made for Gallo y Dama. A brand invented on the idea of the Good Fight of Faith in this life. The rooster is quite an eye catcher and a pretty bold icon at that. The key represents your key of faith to the opportunities this world has for you each day you wake up. It also represents the key to a woman’s heart. It’s symbolism is key for us both as a married couple, as parents, as Christians and as natives of San Antonio. At dawn the rooster crows to awake us for a new day of new beginnings, possibilities and opportunities. It is that same crow that will echo in our day that reminds us of the infamous story of Peter who denied Jesus 3 times. The rooster reminds us boldly of the temptations of sin we are faced daily, the fears we are faced with but also the Good Fight of Faith we are called to live by Christ. Will you live in fear or will you fight?


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