Baby Babble at Doesum

There is my cutie pie all ready for her first class at the best place ever, THE DOSEUM of course! I was so excited to start my 8 month old in her Baby Babble class on Thursday mornings at the Doseum. We have a membership and receive emails about upcoming events and so when I saw they were signing up for classes I jumped on it right away. I stay at home with my baby while we wait for her my 5 year old to get out of school so I find fun ways to for my baby to socialize and stimulate her sponge of a brain at different places around town. Whether it be at the park, the library or a perfect class like Baby Babble we have fun.

There were less then 8 babies all together in this class which was the perfect size. It was very casual but fun and stimulating for all babies. It’s a 30 minute class where each class we will have fun-filled activites based on topic such as the 5 senses we did in the first class. The toys and stations were setup so nicely and the babies all participated so well because the instructor and the activities were so captivating to them. I loved the instructor, you can tell she loves her job and children. I recommend signing up for one of these classes for your baby. Follow them on Facebook for all their updates.


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