Cool New HEB on Nogalitos

Have you been to the new HEB on Nogalitos? They kept the retro original look and updated it to an awesome 2 story dynamite grocery store experience. You are greeted with an HEB rep who gives you a cart and then signals you to go up the “travelator”. It’s a pretty neat concept where you go up this travelator like the ones that are at the airport but this one is inclined and uses magnetic force to hold your cart in place while you go up to the top floor. I love their produce department! Their arrangement and the selection is excellent. Their bakery seems to have unique selections I don’t see at other HEB’s either including my favorite French Macarons. They are also known for their long isle and selection of Wine! An overall great grocery experience and I enjoy exploring the new products they have that other HEB’s don’t usually stock.


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