A piece of Italy here in San Antonio at La Sorrentina

So just last year we discovered La Sorrentina and have made it our go to place for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries with my parents. My dad is a huge Italian food fan since he lived in Italy while in the Army back in the 70’s and now has a great appreciation for all things Italian. If the Italian restaurant doesn’t have Calamari or shrimp he just simply won’t go.

He heard about La Sorrentina so on his birthday last year we celebrated with an awesome experience. This year on my hubby’s birthday my dad wanted to treat him to La Sorrentina so we met there for yet another amazing celebration dinner.

Everything we ordered was delicious and according to my dad it really tasted like like authentic Italian food. It is a very small but quaint restaurant so it is best to make reservations. It is family owned so the customer service is warm and friendly and the chef is a well known and can be seen posing with celebrity in pictures posted around the walls of the restaurant. It is small staffed and they take their time making your dish so please go knowing you might wait a little while or other dishes may be served at different times during the course of your dinner. My ultimate favorite plates were the Shrimp Frank Sinatra that my dad ordered and my Chicken Francese which is a chicken smothered in white wine lemon butter sauce and capers. These were my favorites but everyone at our table ordered something different and they all claimed their’s were the best plate. There were 6 of us.

It is a little gem hidden across from St. Mary’s University on Culebra.


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