Best Sushi in Town! Who said? I did!





Ok so your mouth may be watering at this point at the site of these fresh & delicious dishes at the one and only

Kai Sushi Japanese & Asian Cuisine. One of my favorite Sushi hot spots in San Antonio. It is always fresh,

always well presented and the staff is awesome especially the sushi chef’s behind the bar. I am not an expert

on sushi but I do know my palette and when it comes to sushi for me it’s the freshness and the cut. Might I

say that although it is not the fanciest or the trendiest of places it sure delivers the best! The other places often

over charge and don’t give you the portions that will have you delighted once your sushi is delivered to the table.

Top it off with some yummy Tempera ice-cream, one of my weaknesses that I always have to get. The place is huge & we usually come here for special occasions since we want sushi, we can take the kids, it’s not super fancy but we know that we will have & enjoy some of the best sushi in town!












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