Yummy New Menu at Chuck E Cheese`

Chuck E Cheese

Oh yeah Chuck E Cheese is stepping up to the “plate” literally with a NEW hot menu tailored for the adults! Hey after all we are the ones that go for the food right, and the kids care more about playing! Let me tell you, I am loving I am huge Alfredo fan and I am so happy they added their Cali Alfredo Pizza to the menu it is one of my favorites. The fresh spinach, creamy Alfredo sauce, tender chicken breast, yummy mozzarella and sliced mushrooms along with some sausage, talk about yumo! They have added their new Thin & Crispy option for pizza’s which my family is so happy about, no more panned let’s get some thin & crisp please! Oh yeah did I tell you they have pizza dogs? yep they sure do, a great hit with the kids!

Also on the NEW menu are Caesar and club wraps, BBQ chicken ciabatta sandwich, BBQ & sweet chili boneless and bone-in chicken wings, soft parmesan breadsticks and buffalo chicken cheesy bread. Oh and for dessert my favorite part, Churros with salted caramel and white chocolate icing along with new and improved cinnamon sticks!

Doesn’t sound like Chuck E Cheese right? Well you are going to want to take the kids now, some healthy options to start off your New Year and just absolute tasty and delicious options overall now at Chuck E Cheese. I have to admit I really wasn’t a fan of going to Chuck E Cheese because the food selection wasn’t that great but now I can see taking the kids for playdates with my girlfriends and our family is something we will definitely be doing more of this year!

For updates and fun details be sure to follow Chuck E Cheese on social media & hashtag #CECSanAntonio so we can see some of your fun times at Chuck E Cheese!

I am so excited to announce this Give-Away to award your kiddos and get them excited about going to Chuck E Cheese! But who am I kidding? Just saying Chuck E Cheese will get them excited, haha. To go over the top here is Chuck E Cheese himself along with a red hot beanie for your kiddo! Enjoy!


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Chuck E Cheese


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