Lego Birthday Party

So this is my nephew’s awesome 2nd Lego Birthday Party! My sister-in-law just went all out and it came out perfect! Target had the large Lego container heads and blocks that were great for decorating the cake table. Etsy as we all know is the go to market for everything custom and for birthday party supplies. The cupcakes were purchased from a local baker and then were adorned with edible fondant lego pieces from Etsy. The cookies were purchased from Lily’s cookies and the awesome not to mention delicious cake was ordered from another local baker. She wanted custom posters which were ordered from Power Grafx off of Culebra and 410. She made the centerpieces herself using lego containers and filling them with colorful lego pieces topped of with a Lego head. Mini water bottles were on the table with custom wraps from Etsy and cute little yellow top containers with lego faces were filled with yellow gum balls as favors. As you can see the 8 feet tall Lego Man himself is pretty awesome, he was built by my father-in-law who measured the real lego man toy and made it to scale. It is made out of foam and was painted by my sister-in-law. The piñata was also Lego and the favor bags were filled with cookies and Lego specific favors. The Moon bounce fit the scene perfect with it’s red, blue and yellow colors. The kids had a great time and it sure was a Lego site to see!


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