The Sporting District at The Pearl

The Sporting District has opened shop at The Pearl Brewery and definitely has some “provisions for manly pursuits”. I was excited to go shopping here for my husbands Christmas present since it was so fitting for what he likes. They had an array of selections to choose from including, sweaters, jeans, shoes, hats, ties, beard oils, bitters, belts, jackets, dress up shirts and much more. Some of the products were from local vendors and others were well known brands of the finest of their kind. The atmosphere was definitely manly, gentleman like, contemporary but rustic and a Texas feel perfect for San Antonio. You will see animal skin as rugs, lots of leather adorning the store, brick walls, antiques and wood all throughout the store.  I purchased a army green sweater from At the Pearl and my husband loved it. It was well crafted and unique. I told them it was a gift and they nicely wrapped my sweater in a box. If you want to enjoy the finer life of things check out The Sporting District at the Pearl for the man in your life.


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