Mac Attack at Halcyon Southtown!

Ahh Halcyon, the perfect spot all year round but during the winter their warm selections are the BEST! Halcyon is located in Southtown at the Blue Star Complex next to Blue Star Brewery and Stella Public House. It was a cold Saturday and we decided on Halcyon since we wanted to feel cozy and get a warm yummy meal. I ordered the Tomato Basil Soup with a Grilled cheese that hit the spot! Our favorite hands down is the Mac Attack, with gouda and pulled pork-to die for! It normally comes with pepper jack cheese but since we have our daughter we get it with gouda which is just as great!  It really is the best thing ever, you have to try it! My hubby tried their Southtown Burrito made for a King! It comes with a flour tortilla, eggs, potatoes & shredded cheddar cheese with your choice of bacon, sausage or ham & our homemade, fire-roasted salsa. They are definitely known for their espresso cocktails and all of their awesome drink selections. As you can tell we pulled out their jenga for some game fun! All in all I am bragging about their Mac Attack so check it out and order it! Yumo! Check them out on Facebook


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