Barraca at Blue Star

Barraca Paella and Tapas Spanish Bar at Blue Star was the perfect place to take my parents out to celebrate Veteran’s day for my father. Most of his time in the military my father spent it in different parts of Europe and we wanted to bring a little of his European memories to him while we remembered his service to our country.

It was a Tuesday night so it was quite quaint and perfect for us to experience the food and place for what it was at Barraca. We had a few of the tapas to start with including the Piquillos Rellenos that were stuffed peppers with duck and herb oil. They were amazing and the duck was just perfect, shredded and tasty. For the Paella’s we went with the Seafood and the Fideua. Both were really good, the Fideua caught me by surprise, it did fit the name as it was literally fidello instead of the traditional rice. Both had wonderful flavors.

I can’t wait to go back and try the desserts and the cocas we didn’t get to try which are Spanish style flatbreads.


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