Grand Opening of Niche Boutique at the Pearl Brewery

The Grand Opening of Niche at The Pearl Brewery was a sophisticated night full of rich textiles, modern jewelry, contemporary decorated models, yummy treats and drinks and creative tunes by Steven Lee Moya himself. The flow of the retail layout was inviting as it took you through an array of mute hues brought to life with their lines, shapes and textures. Working your way through were beautifully arranged jewelry pieces and as you made your way to the back where you will find the men’s apparel. The models stood on wooden cylinders that allowed you to experience Niche at it’s best with their impressive looks that highlighted the mixture of tones, textures and lines. My favorite was the grey short dress paired with the beaded necklace. I have to say that most of these items are hard to imagine wearing but once they are on the shapes and lines of the pieces come to life. A blue cuff bracelet caught my eye and I had to have it. In celebration of the grand opening I received a free complimentary Niche Scarf with my purchase. I would have to say this night was a grand night and the guests such as Puro Pinche Stephanie Guerra herself were amongst the attendees supporting the opening of Niche.


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