Free Shipping at Target: #Targetdog & Cartwheel


Target is launching their Free Shipping campaign that will run through Dec. 20, 2014. Free shipping for any online items no matter the size, how awesome is that! A bold move! I just love Target all the way for in-store shopping or online shopping. Their shopping experience has always been clean, hip, upscale but affordable and always customer friendly and online user friendly.

I was recently approached by one of the Target representatives while I was shopping who asked if I was doing ok and if I had the Cartwheel app. I told him I didn’t have the Cartwheel app so he pulled out his own phone and showed me how it worked. Talk about A+ Customer service. I love the Cartwheel app which  its mobile coupon app, with a 50-percent-off deal on a different toy every day from Nov. 2 to Dec. 24.

My 4 year old was excited to see all the new Holiday products and décor out at Target stores. We were at the 1604 & Bandera location and she enjoyed looking at all the Reindeer hanging from the ceiling throughout the store. As we went along our shopping we noticed the Post & Pose photo opp area where you can take a picture with the Target dog and hashtag it #Targetdog. As you can see she enjoyed taking the picture and I know I will enjoy shopping online for free shipping and utilizing the Cartwheel for my in-store toy shopping and other product coupons.


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