Spurs Championship Rings

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Ahh what a beautiful and memorable Spurs Ring Ceremony celebration. As everyone else did I wanted to get to the game super early because I didn’t want to miss my chance at getting my Spurs Championship replica ring. People gathered outside all decked out in their best Spurs gear and all the famous fans were there to greet us at the entrance. As we entered the AT&T Arena we were treated like royalty. They took our tickets with big smiles and pointed the way through a glamorous carpet where there you were presented your ring in a nice velvet logo pouch. They took their time giving it to you and congratulated us. There must have been 4 or 5 greeters with the biggest smiles ever, they really made you feel special.

As you entered the vibe was as if we were at the championship game. You could hear the music, see everyone taking pictures in front of the trophy box with their rings, people piling up in front of the Spurs store to get more gear and the festivities from the outside were calling our name. The Spazmatics were the special band of the night and put on a spectacular show. Zombies walked around and joined in on the dancing with the Spurs dance team. People were lined up at the beer bar and food trucks.

Once the ceremony started it was unbelievable, definitely a tear jerker. To see Pop, Timmy and all the guys get their rings was quite a site. It was nice to have Samuel L Jackson introduce the ceremonies. Once our flag 2014 Championship flag was unveiled you can feel the emotions radiating through the arena. It was a great feeling to see that flag, all worth our players handwork and efforts and the fans loyal commitment to their team pay off with this beautiful site. The Spurs Coyote himself was dubbed 2014 Mascot of the year as well!

The game was something else though. Let me tell you our Spurs put on a show to remember. Till the last second we were neck and neck but as usual our Spurs pulled through.

The rings our beautiful and here is a huge thank you to all who made this happened for our city!


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