Playtime at Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park

It was on the brink of the awesome weather San Antonio had been experiencing lately and it was a nice day to go to the park. My daughter just loves parks! We hadn’t been to Roosevelt Park in a while but I know this fall it will be one of our favorite hotspots. I love that part of the San Antonio Mission Reach river by Lonestar District and she just loves parks especially that one since the playground has the obstacles she enjoys. Roosevelt Park is located in the Lonestar district off of Roosevelt Rd and Lonestar Blvd. Once you turn on Lonestar Blvd it turns into Mission Rd which will take you to the back of the park where you will find public parking. The park has a nostalgic feel for me since I remember as a little girl passing by this park and looking at that memorable blue swimming pool. It’s a beautiful park with lots of green grass and picnic tables. Perfect to head down to the Mission reach trail along the river for a nice bike ride or stroll. The park is clean and the playground is nicely padded. Mia enjoyed it since there were some kids from the Boyscouts and other parents that had brought their kids for playtime. They also had Zumba going on with some fun music that added to the nice environment.


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