Fun Finds on a Summer day at The Pearl Brewery

Melissa Guerra Vanilla Cream Soda

My family and I enjoy strolling through The Pearl Brewery and trying the new hotspots for fun treats and great eye candy with all the fun new shops. This particular day we headed to drop off the hubby to watch the Word Cup Championship game at Blue Box. Blue Box was hosting a Fajitas and Futbol shindig for all the World Cup fanatics to enjoy. Before dropping him off we walked around the shops and took our daughter to The Twig Book Shop. Her favorite book store in San Antonio. It is local and has great selections for the kiddos. We headed next door to Melissa Guerra Latin Market and treated ourselves to a cold pop and some ice cream. Let me tell you these were any good ol treats you can get at any store these were some unique tasty treats that we found were quite delicious. I am pregnant and craving so many things I can’t have but oh when I found out cream soda didn’t have caffeine I was in heaven. I treated myself to this Dublin Vanilla Cream soda that was out of this world. My husband and daughter treated themselves to a vanilla bean paleta that was one of the best I have ever tasted. He also picked himself up some cigars to take to watch the game. The Pearl Brewery is always a delight and perfect for a hot summers day!


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