Eagle’s Corner

My family and I were out and about in the South Town area of San Antonio and we wanted a great local place with some family food favorites. Across from Brackenridge High School sits a family owned corner store of hot dogs, sandwiches, fruit cups, ice cream, refreshing drinks and all kinds of snacks. Eagle’s Corner Ice Cream Shop is proud of their Brackenridge High School mascot and caters to the students and the locals.

The owners are the sweetest and the food was really good. The lady suggested we try the cucumber lemonade and it was one of the best I have tried! I had the chicken salad, my hubby got the hot dog and my daughter got a grilled cheese and we all shared a fruit cup. It was all so delicious. On the walls hung art and memorabilia of Eagles. Eagle’s Corner carries some of the best ice cream we know, Blue Bell ice cream. We sat inside and loved the view on from this corner spot. We watched local bicyclist coming in for some snacks and we loved that it was so close to Roosevelt Park. The prices were very inexpensive and the customer service was great, a perfect match for a summer day with some summertime food and ice cream!


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