San Antonio Community Chalkboards by


PublicBeat Chalkboard is the proud winner of the Awesome SA $1,000 grant and brilliantly spreading the culture of San Antonio artfully around town through chalkboards. #Chalktalksa is influenced by the artist in New Orleans, LA named Candy Chang who proposed “Before I die… Publicbeat wanted to put the spice of San Antonio into this community chalkboard idea. San Antonio peeps will be asked to answer questions like “What I love about San Antonio” and “My favorite place in San Antonio is…” and other San Antonio specific question like I support Hemisfair’s transformation because…

Many different areas of San Antonio will be highlighted with these community chalkboards and will be a beautiful addition to neighborhoods and places of interest in San Antonio! I love this project and give kuddos to for their efforts in winning this Awesome idea to give life to our culture and meaning to our home. It poses questions that revive our spark in our city and bring a smile to our faces from others creative answers. Thank you Awesome SA and you continue to value our pride in our city of San Antonio.


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