Lion’s Field Playground

Lion's Field Playground

Can you imagine one of our playgrounds in San Antonio was known in 1925 as “one of the best in the United States”. The Lion’s Field Playground is located on the corner of Broadway & Mulberry at 2809 Broadway. It is an iconic place full of history of the nature of our city and now the playground that many children enjoy!


It was the first day of summer and my daughter and I had a mommy and me date out in the town. We grabbed our breakfast from IAMA Coffee house, one of my favs and headed down to Lion’s Field Playground. There is something so nostaligic about this playground even though it’s new. This area has always brought back some fun memories when I was a kid and what better way to start off with sharing these same memories with my child. We have Kiddie Park right across the street, Brackenridge near by and it is great to see the new trails that back up to the playground.  As I look at the marquee with the history of the park I get a warm feeling looking at the picture of the kids from the 20’s and how beautiful children will always be at play!

Lion's Field Playground

Lion’s Field Playground

2809 Broadway


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