Salesian Sister Spurs Fans!

Spurs Nuns
Spurs Nuns

The Salesian Sisters of St.John Bosco continue to be loyal and rockstar fans of the San Antonio Spurs! I just love this story because I am so fond of these Salesian Sisters since I myself went to SJB and had the honor of getting to know the Salesian Sisters and know that their faith is a beautiful treasure.  It is amazing the love these Sisters have within themselves for their city, the youth and of course for their SPURS!

Their power of prayer and their continuos support as fans of their Spurs has been the heart that keeps us beating to believe in our team! Thank you Salesian Sisters of SJB we thank you for being the cutest and best Spurs fans ever! Let us pray and bless our Spurs! 


Picture courtesy of San Antonio Express-News


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  1. I love this…Go Spurs

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