What’s Zappening

What's Zappening
What’s Zappening

What’s Zappening San Antonio? The new Zapp 500 VIP Club is in full force and ready for you to sign up! Sign up to become a VIP member of the new Zapp 500 club to see all of the fun & interesting events happening near you! I know I joined and I am officially a VIP Zapp 500 Zapper!

I absolutely love this concept and love the innovative use of this event website tool to post all of my events that will bring me great experiences in the city I love! The great thing about What’s Zappening is a cultivation of local San Antonio events that gets you out of the house, meeting new friends, getting matched with events based on your interests and having unique and memorable experiences! This is just what San Antonio needs for our community to find each other in the experiences and creative events you have been wanting to host.

What’s Zappening will bring you hosted experiences that match your personal interests and allows you to share photos and videos with other event goers afterward on our site! Check them out now at www.whatszappening.com and like them on Facebook to see all of the fun events and zappening news at www.facebook.com/whatszappening 

What’s Zappening-Fun Events with Interesting People! This is Socialista approved, so look for me as a host and at these events!


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