Fit Family Challenge

Fit Family Challenge

Fit Family Challenge is here and is such a wonderful health initiative in San Antonio for the community! I am proud to announce that Inspiration 4 Life, the non-profit I care deeply about and the founder who is my close friend, Mrs. Rita Hernandez are involved in this Challenge. Rita will be heading the Zumba through the Inspiration 4 Life Fitness Team and helping San Antonio kick-off Fit Family Challenge. It is a beautiful thing when you combine fitness and family together for the better of the community. Initiatives like Fit Family Challenge are crucial to our communities health and important to educating and bringing together families to break barriers on health struggles. It makes it easy for families such as mine to join together for the good of our health, as well as with our city to continue motivating ourselves to stay healthy.

Fit Family Challenge, a free 12-week fitness program with fun activities for San Antonio-area families. Mayor Julian Castro and school administrators from the Alamo City joined San Antonio Sports to kick off the 2013 Fit Family Challenge outside City Hall on Tuesday, May 7. It is organized by San Antonio Sports, the fourth annual Fit Family Challege anticipates registration of a record number of San Antonio families to participate in fitness activities between May and August. A grand from the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation supports the free family fitness program aimed at motivating families to break away from a sedentary lifestyle, get out of the house and come together for fun, fitness-focused events.

The next big free event will be 8-10 a.m. on June 8 at Summer Fun Day at Hardberger Park.  Families can play soccer with Scorpions pro athletes, learn about bicycle repair, race in human hamster balls, go on nature hikes, and learn about healthy food options. See attached flyer for more info.

Additionally, the Fit Family Challenge will have three free 5K runs (the first was May 18) and many weekday activities for the entire family.  San Antonio Sports began the Fit Family Challenge in 2010 in an effort to improve health and wellness in the 10 ZIP codes with the highest rates of diabetes. Four years later, the program is showing great progress as participation increases year after year and San Antonio sheds those old perceptions of it being one of the fattest cities in the U.S.  Some examples:

       • Mark Canales weighed 330 pounds when he walked and ran the 2012 D4 5K in 57 minutes.  Inspired by his experience, Canales began running more 5Ks until he eventually lost 132 pounds — over 12 months.  He finished this year’s D4 Heroes 5K on May 18 in 24.5 minutes.  You have to see Mark’s before-and-after photos and talk to him to truly appreciate his story. It’s amazing.

         • Anna Sifuentes wanted to end the unhealthy lifestyle choices linked to diabetes and cancer among her siblings and older generations of her family. She managed to lose and keep off 42 pounds over the past two years since she began participating in Fit Family Challenge with her 13-year-old daughter, Kina Rodriguez.

Fit Family Challege


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