Unique Guacamole Recipe!


Mmm so I am just obsessed with this Guacamole Recipe…I call it, Shanna’s Holy Guacamole! My friend Shanna Capono introduced me to her cottage cheese based guacamole dip and I was in guacamole heaven. Her dip was always requested to be brought in for office pot-luck lunches and people would crave her recipe always asking her to make it for them! It’s a simple recipe and I have somehow got it down but my hopes are to perfect it one day to taste like Shanna’s. We no longer live in the same city and I told her I was just spoiled when I had her near to make it for me! It is such a great recipe, so unique and definitely a great dip to take to your next summer party! It will be the talk of party.

So I made it for the first time just the other day and it was amazingly addictive! There really are no exact recipe measurements its all to taste. Here are the ingredients:


2 Large Avocados

1 small Curd Full Fat Cottage Cheese container


I can diced Jalapenos (drain the juice)


Garlic Powder

Seasoning Salt




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