Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Project Winner

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Adriana Garcia of San Antonio, TX is the National Winner of the Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Project contest. I was honored to interview Adriana and be a part of the beautiful celebration and presentation of her $15,000 prize grant at the Galeria Expression at Centro Cultural Aztlan. Jose Cuervo representatives greeted attendees as you entered the venue and directed you through a hall lit with red and yellow lights illuminating the walls. You enter the main Galeria Expression venue and your eye is taken by the masterpiece created by Adriana and the vivid use of color that gives the effect that the painting is glowing. As Adriana stood in front of her painting giving interviews to media and guests, it was prevalent that her story is clearly represented in this beautiful creation. Upon meeting Adriana her smile and sense of passion is what drew me to instantly adore her and feel so inspired by her story.

Her friends are the ones that encouraged her to enter the Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Project contest. She went through the contest process sending in her art pieces and writing an essay was her first step. Her essay question was “how do you see the changing face of the United States?” Adriana see’s her nation as a combination of her culture, how she grew up, her influences and her city of San Antonio as the changing face of her roots and her country. It is among her family, her friends and her fellow artists that she pays tribute to for being her inspiration and encouraging her to stay true to her heritage and to her dreams. She included her inspirations in her paintings and many of her fellow artists friends are depicted in her masterpiece. San Antonio’s culture was bursting through this painting and her heart and soul was painted in many actions of emotions and experiences of Adriana’s life. This contest awarded her with a $15,000 grant for herself and one for a Non-Profit of her choice. Adriana chose Centro Cultural Aztlan as her Non-profit of choice to award $15,000. She talked about the great influence this organization has had in her life and her community. She felt it was her time to give back to this organization and contribute to a Non-Profit that stays true to the heritage of this city.

Upon receiving her grant check Adriana’s true humble spirit reflected through the room of guests. She thanked everyone she could think of and spoke so highly of her family and friends. Everyone in the crowd cheered her on and chanted praises of encouragement. She is a woman that has made her city of San Antonio very proud with her talents, her beautiful personality, her marvelous work of art, her family values, her dedication to her fellow artists and her strong passion for staying true to her heritage in representing the face of the nation through the Jose Cuervo Tradicional The Mural Project contest. It is entities such as Jose Cuervo that we give thanks to for allowing these opportunities to recognize our talents in the nation, for throwing them a spectacular celebration and awarding them and their Non-profits with grant checks to continue doing what they do best through art.

The celebration continued through the night and the venue was filled with family, friends, fans and other great artists of San Antonio. They enjoyed tasty appetizers, received free blue rimmed Jose Cuervo shot glasses as gifts and special mini posters of Adriana’s paintings that many were lining up to get autographed by the artist herself. The best part was capturing Adriana and her family gather for a photo. It was a moment to be treasured and one that showed her in her true essence. And what’s a Jose Cuervo party without some tequila drinks? A Black Cocktail and a White Cocktail were served up at the bar. Talk about amazing drinks and especially the Black Cocktail which was my favorite! It was an event full of perfect DJ party music, great drinks, amazing artistic ambiance, fabulous guests and a wonderful cause for celebration!

Cheers to you Adriana Garcia for the beautiful masterpiece you created and for winning the Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Project contest!


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