Stay Green! Plant a seed


Hey San Antonio spring is right around the corner and your local nurseries are getting ready for the planting season. Have you thought about growing your own vegetables, herbs or wildflowers? I know I have. The thought of it somehow takes me back to helping my parents out in the yard, cleaning up, raking, preparing the soil and going to the nursery to select some great plants and seeds. Want a great way to connect and bond with your family? Get out and plant, my #1 reason to start a vegetable garden. Here are the other reasons:

1.Bonding with family and friends when gardening

2. Cost effective

3. Improves your health

4. Very Rewarding

5. You know exactly what you are eating!

I know the selection and customer service is great at Schulz Nursery on Broadway. Some other great reviews come from Fanick’s Garden Center, Shades of Green, Milberger Nursery, Rainbow Gardens, Gardening Galore just to name a few. Where do you like to go? Send me your pictures of your garden or planting experience with the Fam!


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