Zyrtec & Rebekah George Teaming up To Help SA Beat Cedar Fever

As we all know San Antonio, Cedar Fever might be late this year but it is here and we are all suffering from the dreadful sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, and nasal congestion. The worst part is, we still have to continue our daily lives and go out with the effects of allergy face. You know that face! Trying to figure out what to do with the red nose, puffy face and watery eyes is always a mystery.
Well look no further, we have found you some great tips to help you combat the Cedar Fever effecting most of us here in Texas. Zyrtec has graciously teamed up with beauty expert Rebekah George to help Texas beat the Cedar Fever and tackle that allergy face!
Tips to Help Combat Allergy Face
To tackle a puffy face:
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You may also want to create “beauty water” by filling a pitcher of water with cucumber, grapefruit or lemon slices for a little extra flavor!
  • At night, use an extra pillow or two and try sleeping with your head elevated. Elevation can help drain fluids from your face so skin and eyes are less puffy in the morning.
To hide a red nose:
  • Apply a thick layer of cream at night. Then, smear on a lighter-weight oil in the morning.  Allow oil to dry for a few minutes and apply a yellow-based concealer. Finish with a swipe or two of a bronzer in coppery tones to cancel out the redness.
  • Consider using fragrance-free, lotion-treated tissues, which are gentler on your skin and can prevent areas from becoming more red and sore.
To brighten eyes:
  • On days when your eyes feel too irritated, skip eye shadow and use a bright blue waterproof mascara. The colors help to brighten and counteract dullness!
  • You can also stash two spoons in the fridge.  Take them out and place them on your eyes whenever your eyes are feeling puffy.  The metal from the spoons holds in coldness longer, so you get better results than using cucumber slices.

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