NBC’s America’s Got Talent coming to San Antonio!

america's got talent

NBC’s AMERICA’S GOT TALENT is coming to SAN ANTONIO and we want to see your talent!!!

I know that my hometown is full of talent and now is the time for you to shine. Your city is here to support you and if you have talent please hear your calling and make your dreams come true. Now is your chance and we want to here about your journey. Below are the details on how to audition. Jump on the chance and count your city of San Antonio to support you 100%. Good Luck from The San Antonio Socialista!


Auditions are being held JANUARY 12 & 13 2013

YOUR DREAM… is 90 seconds away!!!


Don’t miss your chance to show America YOUR talent and compete for the opportunity of a lifetime at winning the Grand Prize of $1 MILLION DOLLARS.

* To pre-register for an Audition and for more information on AGT, please log onto www.agtauditions.com *


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenee says:

    Are there tickets available to attend the live taping?

    1. Let me find out and get back with you

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