Tillamook Cheese in Texas: YUM!

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Tillamook Cheese in Texas, YUM! Nov.8, 2012 was Texas Monthly’s Tillamook Beer & Cheese party where guests were spoiled with the most wonderful pairing of 2 of the best things in life, Beer and Cheese of course! This event kicked off Tillamook’s return to Texas to celebrate with friends they’ve met along the way.

The event was held at The Jack Guenther Pavilion at the Briscoe on W. Market and was a beer and cheese pairing-palooza with the collaboration of Tillamook, TexasMonthly, Alamo Beer and Real Ale Brewing Company. As you walked up the entrance the Tillamook signature cheddar orange color greeted you with a sign and balloons directing the way. Representatives welcomed you and invited you to the party. On entering the festivities, cheese and beer pairing stations floated through the party and bar tops were filled with Texas Monthly magazines, cheese slicers, smiley sticks and the famous Tillamook VW Baby Loaf buses that look like a cheese. The buses Loafster, Baby Loaf and Daddy Loaf Trailer have been on the Loaf Love Tour across America sharing tasty cheese that people NEED!  Guests walked around sampling all of the pairings, mingling, experiencing their first cheese plug as my husband did and listening to the great things Tillamook is doing in Texas.

My most favorite pairing were the sliders with the sharp cheddar and IPA. It was great to meet the brew master himself of Real Ale Brewing Company, Eric Ogershok.  He raved about his two favorite food groups being the stars of this event and how the beer and cheese were perfectly paired for the most complimentary tasting one can experience. Real Ale Brewing Company handcrafts ales from the Texas Hill Country from Blanco, Texas. They have been brewing since 1996, and now can be found all over our Lone Star State. Some of the featured beers from Real Ale included Coffee Porter, Lost Gold IPA, Devil’s backbone and Alamo’s Golden Ale.

Tillamook is an Oregon-based dairy cooperative with all natural, farm-owned and award-winning cheeses.  It is a great addition to our state and has a variety of products including ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, butter and of course their yummy cheese.  It was the merging of several small creameries just over a hundred years ago that teamed up to form Tillamook County Creamery Association to ensure the quality and reputation of cheese made in the Tillamook Valley. As of today it is the world’s best cheese and we are proud to welcome this #1 natural cheddar cheese brand in the West.

The people of San Antonio can find their Tillamook cheese at their local Wal-Mart or HEB stores. I myself am so excited to try some of the delicious recipes from the Tillamook Kitchen and get my cheese on! I can’t wait to added this cheese to some of San Antonio’s traditional favorites including enchiladas, crispy tacos, capirutada and our bean and cheese tacos. So yummy that I go crazy and do the YUM DANCE!  Join the dance revolution and help make the world a yummier place with Tillamook cheese!


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