Veterans Day at St. John Bosco School 2012

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St. John Bosco Catholic School put on a beautiful production honoring our Veterans with each class performing a special presentation. This special event was headed by the wonderful staff, Salesian Sisters and one of the main leaders, my friend and neighbor Mrs. Thelma Reyes. I am proud to call myself a former St. John Bosco Eagle. I give thanks to this school for showing me the values of gratitude and compassion. On this Veterans Day 2012, the students of SJB recited touching poems, performed beautiful dances, read amazing stories, displayed a unique shadow performance, sung amazing songs, acted out skits, played their instruments to patriotic music and personally displayed their gratitude to the Veterans in their families and community with the same values I was taught of gratitude and compassion.

During this special ceremony, I reminisced about my times at SJB and remember how we too gave precedence to important matters such as this patriotic holiday. We were taught to honor and love one another. The room was filled with all of the families of these children and Veterans wearing their military attire proudly. The students sat in the stands waving their American flags as they waited their turn to perform.

The President and Principal of SJB honored all the Veterans including Military servicewoman Newman, a parent at SJB. She presented a flag from Afghanistan to the school and in turn they honored her for her great service. At the closing of the ceremony 2 senior Veterans at the age of 92 and 93 were called up to the front so we can honor their lives  and sacrifice they made for our country. One of those men was Mrs. Thelma Reyes’ father, Mr. Tober, who is also my long time neighbor. He is a hero in my life that I am proud to have had the privilege of having in my life. I was honor to be a part of this special celebration at SJB on Veterans Day 2012. It is people such as Mr. Tober who have served our country and our communities unselfishly and have the same heart as that of St. John Bosco who teaches the children to love, give thanks to God and celebrate life. God Bless America!

All photos were taken by myself Luisa Garcia. For the full album of photos please visit


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