Will Smith Foundation Sculpture at Witte Museum

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Have you seen the new beautiful sculpture at the Witte Museum? It will open a story that will touch your heart and reveal a foundation that is doing wonders in the world. I recently had the opportunity to attend a Cocktail Reception at the Witte Museum in the South Texas Heritage Center for the Will Smith Foundation at the Witte Museum with Rita Hernandez Founder of Inspiration 4 Life. This ceremony unveiled a marvel of art created by Christine Turnbull of Turnball Fine Art who portrayed a boy named Will Smith. Will Smith was tragically killed in a hit and run car accident on the island of Maui. His mother, Susan Moultan has since created a foundation in his name. The Will Smith Foundation benefits children of all ages supplying car seats for families in need, books and shoes for the children of Africa where Will had traveled several times with this family.

The cocktail reception had the energy of Hawaii and was a great representation of a giving foundation. The presenters of the Will Smith Foundation spoke beautifully and showed a video presentation that allowed the guests to truly engage in the mission of the foundation to locate the needs and provide the means of giving positive life experiences to children through education, art, music, sports and acts of compassion. The night carried on outside for live country music by a talented musician at the amphitheater. The sculpture is located directly outside the South Texas Heritage Center between the amphitheater. This beautiful sculpture of Will Smith is of him fishing with a captivating smile. The sculpture is perfectly illuminated and is truly a symbol of the beauty of life.

I hope you visit the Witte Museum and find this statue to be an important part of San Antonio that is home to a symbol representing all things positive and great for our children.


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