San Antonio Smart Shopping Tips to prepare for the Holidays!

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It is so exciting and a little intense when you visit the mall and see all of the holiday decorations and items showcased so early. Places like North Star Mall and La Cantera have marvelous displays of holiday spirit with fancy wreaths, jumbo shiny ornaments and all of the hottest items right up front. The retailers want you to start consuming and start preparing for those holiday gifts. Some of us are thrilled to go shopping and others dread it but either way we all have to shop savvy and spend smart. This holiday season should be joyous for all and putting a few great tips from our friends at is a wonderful start to happy shopping! helps you understand your debt, manage your debt, posts the latest news and is dedicated to your financial well-being. A member of the team Katherine Pilnick shares some great tips and I offer some of my advice:

1. Take Advantage of Sales: Check on the store’s website , sign up for its newsletters or find ads in the San Antonio Express Newspaper to find upcoming sales and great items at a fraction of their original price.

2. Buy in Bulk: Buy non-perishable items in larger quantities, they’ll be cheaper per unit. If you don’t have a card visit Sams and Costco for some more information. Plus they always have the best deals on electronics, jewelry and some unique gifts for great prices.

3. Use Coupons and Groupons: Get on the email list for stores you love and cut those coupons from the newspaper. Don’t we just all love Groupon? Sign up for the app on your phone today, they have daily deals you can purchase right over your phone and help save you tons.

4. Shop Online: Open up several screens at once and tab back and forth to find the best deals on the items you want to purchase. Compare, research and enter in promo codes to help save on your next online purchase. Google promo codes for the site you are using and use those codes to save big. Look for free shipping and exclusive online only deals. Registering your email will help you get those exclusive updates for these sales.

5. Consider Opening Store Credit Cards: “What, are you crazy? I don’t need more debt”, you say! Wait hear me out! Yes this may be an option for you and could possible help save big. As always making smart decisions and researching is the tip for successful credit card ownership. If you do consider opening a line of credit with a store, please make sure it is one you know you frequently shop at  and that you can find valuable to your purchases during the year. Remember cards can give you rewards like redeemable points, cash back or a discount. Always stay in good standing, research all the details of the interest rate and policies. Remember that they will perform an on-site credit check.

Happy Holiday Shopping San Antonio!

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