The Brooklynite Opening: Serious Cocktails have arrived!

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The night of October 12, 2012 marked the day San Antonio welcomed The Brooklynite, a cocktail bar inspired by the classic variation of the daiquiri named the Brooklynite.  It is a new day in the history of our city to embrace an era of a cocktail culture cultivated by a talented bar craftsman named Jeret Pena. He has excelled as a Rising Star Mixologist, traveled to refine his art of libations and has built a loyal following of classic cocktail lovers in his hometown of San Antonio through his experience in notable bars in the city.

The trendy food trucks of Tapa Tapa, Queen of Smoke and the DUK Truck lined the curb outside the bar and the beautiful Alanna Sarabia greeted you at the entrance to welcome you into The Brooklynite. Then suddenly you were taken back by the soft New York-like energy and the room filled lounge of San Antonio people at their best. They enjoyed the sophisticated bar tended by talented craftsmen who showcased their art of mixology at a bar lined with eager guest waiting to catch a close glimpse of a cocktail chef at work. The ambiance was an artful creation of cozy intimate spaces, warm dimly lit light fixtures and chandeliers, classic films on big screens, sensual vintage furniture, social high-tops and dapper damask wallpaper.  Located on Brooklyn Ave by the River Walk, Brooklynite is nestled in a prime location for tourist and natives alike.

The wizards behind the bar including Jeret worked with feverish intensity to service their opening night guests and influence ones palette to a world of classic cocktail complexities that will change the way you order your next drink. Their menu was a brilliant variation of one-plus-ones prepared on a faster note and those complexities that will require more attention and time.  Either way the bar pays no judgement on your beverage of choice and is a place to talk to your bartender to find new ways to explore beverages beyond your time. It is in Jeret Pena and his bar tending team’s appreciation for  the creative concept of cocktails and passion for a well crafted drinks that will make history in a city thriving with culture. Brooklynite is San Antonio’s cocktail gem and an addition to the city, sure to enhance your thirst.

The Brooklynite

516 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio, TX



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  1. Adelita says:

    Really nice bar, very classy.

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