Freshly Squeezed: Support your local Lemonade Stands!

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It is a refreshing site to see a neighborhood kids lemonade stand on fun summer day! As soon as we saw the cute boy standing on the corner of our street with his homemade bright yellow poster for lemonade we couldn’t wait to get our refreshing cup of ice cold lemonade. My 2 year old daughter was most excited as I strapped her in her stroller she kept shouting “lemonade,lemonade!”. We had been to their stand once before and became fans instantly when not only was the service prompt but the lemonade was very delicious.  It was a cute family business for the day as Christopher headed the promotion department, Alora manned the lemonade service stand and her family was their to help. I just adored as Alora greeted us with a pretty smile and fashionable summer attire. She wore a matching yellow sun hat and white summer dress.

There was something nostalgic about seeing this cute lemonade stand and a sense of community that we need to revive in all of San Antonio. I was impressed with the kids running the show but I was most impressed with the family who supported their kids.  Having a lemonade stand is cute and fun but in reality it teaches our children a sense of business, customer service and how to manage money. It is just one small step to introduce life long skills while having fun.

So bring back the lemonade stand in your community, encourage your kids to have their own, support them and get excited about any fun project they want to venture on their own!

Here is to Christopher and Alora, great job!


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  1. Daisy says:

    Every once in a while I see kids selling lemonade out in front of their house in our neighborhood. It ALWAYS makes me smile and I totally stop to buy some. I usually give them a buck or two because it brings back the memories of doing that when we were kids. So cute!

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