Aurora, San Antonio remembers you!

As I attended my church LifePoint this past Sunday, the stories and the pictures of those 12 Aurora lives that were taken have been with me all week.  My pastor, Daniel Rivers posted these pictures on the big screen and shared with us courageous and beautiful memories of those 12 that were killed. As I sat there listening to his passionate remembrance of these lives, I couldn’t help but think if that were me and my family, me and my friends and how we could have been those same pictures, those stories that were being told.

I thank GOD for every day I am given to live my life just one more day, one more chance to shine my light.  I am blessed to have a place of worship that comes together to pray for tragedies such as Aurora and reflect on the scripture that helps us understand.  We all have our own special place of worship, our own beautiful families who love us, our own friends who cherish us but the best part is we all share the same city we call home, San Antonio, and the same country we adore.  Aurora is an amazing city for coming together so strong and just as those families have had a wonderful city such as Aurora to count on, I know I can always count on my city to be there as well.  Thank you San Antonio for always being the heart of my culture and the rock I call home.  We have had our hearts broken by the loss of one of our very own Jessica Ghawi  and as always San Antonio gives their heart, their prayers and their love. It is amazing how strong our country is and the beautiful bond we experience when we suffer such a huge loss as Aurora.  It is even more amazing the power of prayer and the the love of God that can get us through all of this and help us shine our light brighter.

May God Bless all those that were injured in the Aurora tragedy and all those that were killed:

Jessica Ghawi. age 24. Recently posted a blog after surviving the shooting at the Toronto Mall saying “how fragile life was”. She is from San Antonio and had moved to Colorado to pursue her career in sports journalism.  She was known as “Redfield” a play on her red hair because it was easy to remember professionaly and on social media. She was known as ambitious and hardworking.

Veronica Moser Sullivan. age 6. The youngest of all the victims killed.  She had just learned how to swim.  Her great-aunt described her as a great little girl excited about life.  Her mother suffered gunshots in her neck and abdomen.  She is still still recovering.

Jonathan Blunk: age 26 served in US Navy was killed shielding his girlfriend from the shooting.  He was soon to fly out to see his Family in Reno including his 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. He is remembered for his humor, spontaneity and attention to family.

Alexander J Bolk: age 18. Known as AJ A recent High School graduate of Gateway HS and planned to take classes at Rocky Mountain College to become an art teacher. He was known for being the ball of joy, never sad and always wanted everybody to be happy.  He was with his girlfriend at the time of shooting.

Jesse Childress: age 29 was Staff Sergeant in Air Force reserves, as a cyber-systems operator.  He was known for being fun, positive, laughing and an amazing person.

Jonathon Blunk: age 26. Had plans to re-enlist in the Navy and become a Navy Seal.  He was a certified fire-fighter and emergency medical technician.  His close friend James Gill said “It was guts or glory for him”, as he describes Jonathon.  He died throwing himself in front of his friend Jansen Young and saved her life.

Alex M. Sullivan: age 27.  We remember his father searching for his son, holding up his picture to the media cameras pleading to find his son the day of the shooting.  He died on his birthday and celebrating his first wedding anniversary. He was known as a gentle giant, known and loved by so many. He was a big movie fan and enjoyed all sorts of movies and he even took jobs at the theaters to see the movies.

Micayla C Medek: age 23. She was attendeing Aurora Community College and worked at Subway.  She was known as an independet-minded sweet girl and loving person.  She loved a night out with her friends and was with a group of 10 at the premiere when she died.

Matthew R. McQuinn. age 27.  He died protecting his girlfriend Samantha Yowler from the gunfire.  She was shot in the knee and recovered from surgery.  Her brother also shielded her and was not injured.  Their families mourn the loss of Matthew and and friends remember him as a fun person.

Alexander Teves. age 24. He was from Phoenix and had earned his master’s degree in counseling pyschology in June from University of Denver. He was known as a lovable person and making lots of friends. His grandfather called him the ideal grandson who was fun and loved to eat.

Rebecca Ann Wingo. age 32. She was a single mom who left behind 2 daughters. She had started a new job as an intake specialist at the Schryver Medical in Denver.  She was known to her co-workers as friendly, bubbly personality and always in a good mood.

Gordon Cowden. age 51.  He was killed while watching the premiere with his 2 daughters that managed to escape unharmed.  He was the oldest of all the victims.  He was described as a “true Texas gentleman” by his family.  He loved the outdoors and owned his own business. He loved life and his family.

Victim Stories credit to CBS Denver. Picture credit to Veronica Gilson


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