Breakfast Recipe: Add a little Bailey’s to your morning

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I discovered a sweet treat a few years back to add to my french toast. I am a huge fan of french toast and wanted to try something new and simple.  I had traveled to Seaside Park, NJ and had the best Hazelnut French Toast at a place called 3 C’s Luncheonette. The flavor was so delicious I went back several times during my stay.

So when I came home I had an idea to try using flavored coffee creamer to my french toast recipe. I keep it simple by just cracking the eggs in a bowl, adding whatever flavor of coffee creamer of my choice, my favorite right now is Bailey’s Toffee Almond. You just add this creamer in place of the milk you would have added, sprinkle cinnamon if you choose and whisk away. Butter and a little oil to the pan, soak the bread of your choice in the egg mixture and place on pan. Cook until golden on each side and serve with fruit and syrup. Yum!


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