Olmos Perk: Get Perked Up San Antonio!

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Olmos Perk is the perfect way to perk up your week! Located in the affluent Olmos Park, OP is a coffee bar featuring locally brewed coffee beans and scrumptious bakery treats. Olmos Perk caters to everyone who needs a good pick up while enjoying the ambiance of modern decor, artistic settings, interesting reads, internet convenience, leather seating and an amazing menu. Not only does OP have a coffee bar they also offer wine and beer.

OP was voted the “Best Coffee Shop” in San Antonio by the San Antonio Current readers for the 4th year in a row.

They are known for their phenomenal customer service and for their baristas who pay close attention to detail and to their clientele. Teaming up with local vendors has brought them success and closer to the community as they feel that helping each other out is what matters. OP knows how to perk San Antonio up and it is up to you to check it out for yourself.



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