Green Vegetarian Cuisine: Don’t have a cow!

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Hands down this place is yummy and trendy!  This place is not just for vegetarians and vegans it is a restaurant who’s mission is to serve healthy and homemade meals to the community for everyone to enjoy!  Their menu has a wide range of selection from enchiladas to burgers, stroganoff to burritos.  I’m talking wholesome, delicious and hearty.  I ordered the Artichoke and Portabella Quesadilla with Kale salad that had an asian twist which was amazing and filled me up quickly but not quickly enough for me to order their 100% vegan cupcakes that were so moist and rich!  Their smoothies are pretty popular and try ordering some of their fun teas-I enjoyed the Hibiscus Mint Tea.

The atmosphere was trendy with colorful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, damask imprints on the posh chair, fun artwork, very modern and chic.  Definitely a fun place to venture with friends and try new things! The servers sport these fun t-shirts with sayings such as “Don’t have a cow!” on the back of their shirt and are very customer service friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about the menu if this is your first time eating at a vegetarian restaurant they can help you make the best selection. This business takes “green” to a whole new level and holds their business to that “green” standard in every aspect of sustainability. You go GREEN! Not to mention they have a ton of awards and accomplishment from the city of Current Best of and Express News Critics Choice Awards and many others. Green also makes it important to make everything on their menu affordable so their prices are not overpriced and you feel great after your meal knowing you ate healthy. They have 2 locations on N Flores and NW Military Hwy.

San Antonio is on the track to being the FITTEST city and places like Green Vegeterian Cuisine will help us fight being the FATTEST city!

So “Don’t have a cow!” and try this place out you will not be disappointed!


Photos by me: Luisa G


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