The Skinny on Plato’s Closet



So I am sure you have heard those radio commercials on how you can get extra cash by taking in your name brand jeans, t-shirts and dresses.  So I decided to get the skinny for myself on Plato’s Closet that I have heard a lot about lately with mostly mixed reviews.

I went on a Tuesday at 4 pm and had about 3 people in front of me, I get up to the counter and they tell me the wait time is 2 hours.  I had to take my clothes back since I wasn’t able to wait that long or go back at a later time.  So then next time I went was on a Thursday at 1:30pm.  There were only a few people in front of me and I got up to the front fairly quick.  They told me the wait time was 4 hours.  I fill out their form and sign their waiver saying that if I do not return today my items will be kept and those that are chosen will be left for store credit.  Luckily I was coming back in the area later that night if not I wouldn’t haven’t even bothered again.  I come back at 5:30pm and there were 8 people in front so I had to wait about 15 minutes before I get to the counter.  I get to the counter and they tell me they are only giving me $25 dollars for 15 items I took in.  I only sold one item which was my dark True Religion Jeans for $8.  The rest of my stuff included Juicy Couture Jeans, Embroidered True Religion jeans, Sevens, A pockets and 5 Banana Republic blouses.  Of course I wasn’t going to get ripped off and sell the rest of my stuff to them that cheap. They gave me cash and I took the rest of my clothes back. If anyone is looking for a job, they had a sign that they are currently hiring associates.  All in all not a good experience and I wouldn’t go back to sell my stuff but I might go back to look at the accessories and scarfs and peruse the dresses.

The Skinny:

Really not worth my time

Their payout is $2-4 for shirts, $4-9 for jeans, $5-6 for shoes but consider the below before you think you will be paid this…

They are picky on how worn the items are (scuffs on shoes, lent on shirts, etc…)

They want mostly new items meaning no older than 8-9 months, they want Designer items but you might get lucky depending on who is looking at your clothes I guess

You have to wait to get seen, then you have a long wait time to get your items

Their shoe selection is scarce and isn’t good

They have a ton of jeans and t-shirts, they are mostly worn but you can find a few gems

Their handbags are not very chic and only very few designers but nothing to get excited about

Although I do love their accessories, while waiting I saw some awesome bracelets and I love their scarf selection!

Their window showcase had styling manikins and is deceiving once you get inside

Their customer service treated me “okay” their wasn’t anyone saying hello or trying to welcome their customers but I saw some other people kind of bothered by the somewhat rude and ignoring service

The items are mostly over priced

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