SA Socialistas 5 Hot Picks for Mother’s Day

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Here are The San Antonio Socialistas hot picks for Mother’s day presents and things to do for all the dad’s that need ideas, daughters that don’t know what to get their mom and we definitely can’t forget the grandma’s, aunts, and godmother’s in your life!

1. CARD: Printing Puffs

I saw this idea on Parents magazine and fell in love with it. With your kids finger prints you can make pussy willow art and give them as gifts. I am going to print these with my daughters finger prints onto a 8×10 art paper and fold it in half for a Mother’s day card and I am also going to make some small 4×2 prints with magnets to post on the refrigerator.  Her grandma’s always like showing her off on their refrigerator so I thought they would like to show her art too.  This is a great activity for dad’s and kids to do together for mom.  I will blog our experience with the step by step process of how we made our puff prints.

2. EVENT: Concert Under the Stars, Free event

Friday May 11 @ 7:30p, at National Historical Park, San Antonio, TX

Bring your lawn chairs, a picnic feast and your MOM for a wonderful night of Jazz in a beautiful setting!

3. GIFT: On Main, Off Main

On Main Off Main is a store with a “concept just a little off the wall and on the cutting edge”.  Thats what MOM needs, cutting edge!  It is a unique store with an eclectic selection and this weekend they will be hosting their Mothers day Market which will include a variety of local vendors and great sales!  Give it a try and think outside of the box and have fun picking a present that matches your moms personality!

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4. BRUNCH: Picnic

Step out of the norm and do your own thing!  A picnic!  A picnic is always romantic, fun for the family and memorable.  Going out to eat is fun but a picnic is special and mom will appreciate this idea!  Of course give her a heads up to dress for the occasion and try to organize and plan ahead for what you will need to pack.  Central Market has some great pre-packed picnic meals for the whole family. Don’t forget a tasty drink for mommy, mimosas are a great picnic drink to toast her special day.  I have a listing below of some great parks to choose from and a site that will help fathers pack for a picnic

5. SWEET TREAT: Luscious Mango Cake 

Every mom must have a sweet treat on Mother’s day!  My mom, Janie Escalante found this recipe through a friend and she wanted to try it.  We went to HEB and bought all the ingredients we needed.  It was so simple and the result was a fresh, light and delicious unique flavor!  It was a hit and definitely luscious as the name.  The recipe can be found on and the link below, I will also have a blog with my experience and step by step process making this cake.  Again, a great homemade gift that will be special for dad’s to make for mom or for daughters to take over to moms.

*These photos were courtesy of the listed websites, thank you!


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