Weekend Getaway: Wimberley Market Days

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Get up early on the 1st Saturday of the month and drive down to Wimberley, TX.  A short drive will have you in Wimberley before you know it.  Arrive early for parking that is $5 for your choice of 3 convenient parking lots by the market.  It opens as early as 7am and closes at 4pm.  It is free admission, just stroll on in and begin your journey of over 450 booths, so bring your walking shoes.  Don’t worry about the sun beating you down, it is nicely shaded with plenty of selection for refreshments to cool you down including a beer pavilion. Not to mention the food!  There are a variety of concessions of food, mostly including BBQ plates. If you didn’t get breakfast in time there are also breakfast tacos for the early birds.

It is a wonderful Saturday getaway to enjoy the day with family and friends shopping, eating and enjoying the live entertainment of different bands at the pavilion.  You can find anything from antiques to handcrafts, homemade jams and salsas, old and new and beyond.  I purchased a handmade ruffled romper for my daughter, some Moonshine Tea, vintage postcards and homemade amaretto pecan spread.

The market days does not allow pets and has no special activities for kids; since there is plenty to see amid the booths.  I would suggest getting cash out before you come as most are small owned booths and not all take credit cards.  It is a fun experience and there are many treasures waiting for you to discover them.  The booths are unique and all have their own personality.  The paths wind and turn, have beautiful shade, the booths are unique with their own personality, the music is fun, the energy is sunny, the people are friendly, the vendors are creative, the food delicious, and the merchandise is out of this world.

It is between San Antonio and Austin and is a great drive.  The hill country has amazing views along the way and the town of Wimberley itself is a sure place to stop by and visit.



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