SA Photography: Amazing backdrops for Dance & High School Portraits

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It is amazing the potential San Antonio’s random spots around the city can make for such a beautiful portrait backdrop. I recently did a photo shoot for my cousin Kaelyn who wanted to include dance and high school photos in this session. I had a vision of capturing her ballet moves in the path of beautiful woods or in the middle of some train tracks. OP Schnabel park was the perfect place for the natural and soft lighting camera shot. The bright green trees created a frame of my subject as she gracefully made a ballet move where the sun illuminated her as she gracefully stood on her point shoes capturing her ballerina talent.

We traveled downtown next with no particular spot in mind and randomly found a location with a graffiti mural and train tracks near by. We utilized this location and went with the vibe of this colorful mural and the energy the train tracks had as we rushed to take photos before the next train came by. It was a great experience and I enjoy working with my clients to help them achieve their vision. My tools to make my art are my subject, their vision, my creative vision, my backdrop, and my camera. I want to tell a story and with people like Kaelyn I want to capture their talent, their High School memories, their youth and beauty.

Luisa Garcia: 210-260-5344


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