Tuesday Night: An Artsy Meal in SA

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Feeling artsy?  Head downtown to the San Antonio Art Museum (SAMA) on a Tuesday for free admission.  Enjoy the large collection of art from around the world and experience the ever so intriguing contemporary art the museum has to offer.  I was fascinated by the contemporary art and enjoyed sharing the experience with my husband and family.  The art opens up conversation that allows you to see how others view the art in a way you may not have thought.  There are ongoing exhibitions and events on the museum’s calendar that can have you coming back for more.   It is a peaceful and adventurous way to spend your Tuesday!

It is a great break in the beginning of the week, to get off of work and head down to the museum.  They conveniently close at 9:00pm, so you have plenty of time to get there, browse around at the exhibits and make your way through the court yard to Cafe Des Artistes!  You will be delighted with the artsy selection on the menu that compliments well after a viewing of some awesome art.  Sit outside on the balcony where you can enjoy the Riverwalk below.   The food is amazing!  The French menu is filled with delectables such as paninis, crepes, croissants, quiche, salads and much more.  The prices are reasonable, panini’s are 10, entrees start at 12 and 22 is the highest for seared beef tenderloin.

I recommend the $12 Chicken Crepe, with creamy white sauce, mushrooms and chicken that comes with a small salad and chicken salad as the sides.  If you are a sweets kind of person, then you will love this meal it is both sweet and savory as the crepe adds a dessert taste.  My husband had the $12 Smoked Salmon Avocado Sandwich served with greens and dill potato salad.  They have a nice selection of French wines to pair well with your meal. We tried the freshly squeezed Lemonaide and Limonata.  They also have half bottles of wine available and 4 beers to choose from including Kronenbourg which is the best selling premium lager brand in France.  It was all delicious, fresh and a nice way to spend the evening with a French twist.

Take advantage of the Tuesday night, be spontaneous and head out to SAMA and Cafe Des Artistes to relax after a days work and enjoy San Antonio at it’s best in the middle of the week!

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